Efficient use of ICT can change education


When the first movie electronic cameras were readily available, they were utilized making movies by placing a cam in the audience of a theater and shooting the phase. It took some time to comprehend that the video camera would change a whole market.

There is a lot to find out about computers and how they are utilized, internationally, in education. To see it as a tool to assist instructors teach, as pointed out in this article is an indication that the education system needs to better understand the effect that computers have had, worldwide, in transforming the entire idea of education including combined learning, flipped classrooms, games/simulations and more.

For a country that is driving itself to be the leader in using technology to development, it can’t afford to start at ground absolutely no. It begins at the university level where future teachers are being educated and where the university has to reach into the school system to provide professors with an understanding of the global modifications and how to bring that experience into the schools.

It is clear that the various government companies have prepared for the fast intro of computer hardware into the education system. Exactly what is unclear is whether a similar amount of fiscal and personnel’s were/are allocated to prepare and support the system to successfully use these tools and to maintain currency of the hardware, software and wetware (teachers).

Too often we have seen major investments in hardware only to discover that their effective use decreased or perhaps abandoned because of insufficient resources dedicated to effective infrastructure assistance. Let us hope that additional expedition will show this not to be the case here.